UAlbany brings heart to take on Kentucky

Shoot for the moon. A cliché first told to us when we begin to dream of what we could someday accomplish. For some it’s to be an astronaut or run for president. But for a kid longing to play college basketball, it’s to go to places like UCLA or Kentucky.

In just two days, 13 UAlbany ballers have a shot to do more than cross it off their bucket lists.

We’re often told by others what we can and cannot achieve. And it’s human nature to listen.

“We just take it and run with it,” UAlbany guard Ray Sanders told News 10. “You know, just add more fuel to the fire.”

For the UAlbany Men’s Basketball Team, its hearing “you have no business even playing Kentucky.”

“They’re more talented, 1-10. There’s no doubt about it. That’s why they’re at Kentucky,” UAlbany guard Peter Hooley said.

“They’re good,” UAlbany Head Coach Will Brown said. “I mean, I think they’re the most talented team in the country.”

Let’s not kid ourselves, Kentucky is really good! The Wildcats own the winningest program in college basketball history and its eight national titles are second only to UCLA’s 12.

“I’ve told our guys. I’d rather have you take a five second count than throw the ball up for grabs,” Brown tells News 10. “Because if we throw it up for grabs, it’s going to end up being a dunk and you’ll be on SportsCenter for all the wrong reasons.”

Before we declare bigger, better, faster and stronger Kentucky the winner of Friday’s game, let’s remember what this Great Danes team has already shown the world.


“Heart beats talent I guess in some case,” Hooley tells News 10. “As far as we see, they’re 0-0 same as us. These guys haven’t won a game yet. We’re going to carry that on our shoulders and go in there and try and shock the world.”

Sometimes the loudest voice we hear is the one in our own heads. The one that says ‘you can do this.’

Now Kentucky will be as good as any team this program has ever faced, having been to four Final Fours in the last five years, winning it all back in 2012, and the Wildcats have two of the top 10 NBA prospects in next year’s draft.

However, history has certainly shown us, anything can happen on any given night.


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