Pittsfield Police investigating theft of veterans plaques from cemetery

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Veterans Day is all about honoring those who have served – but someone spent the day trying to profit off two veteran grave markers.

The Pittsfield Police Department is investigating how two veteran grave markers ended up at a scrapyard on Veterans Day.

Employees at a Pittsfield scrapyard called police when a man tried to sell them the grave markers, the brass only valued at $37. Police have identified the man and say he is cooperating.  The markers had errors and were being stored in a shed until they could be replaced.

A veteran who’s charged with caring for his fallen comrades graves has never seen anything like it. 

“If I had my way I’d would just send them over let them fight over there and see what it’s like and then maybe they’d have a different opinion,” Vietnam veteran John Harding told NEWS10. “I was there so I know.”

“It’s terrible, if it’s young people they sure haven’t been educated properly because they don’t know our history and to go just desecrate graves,” WWII Tony Pastore.

Police say they know who did it, but say no charges have been filed, yet. 

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