Local play, Shear Madness to perform in NYC

NYC, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Considered the longest running play in America, “Shear Madness” has been around the world since opening in Lake George in 1978. However, it finally made its off-Broadway debut Thursday night at New World Stages.

NEWS10ABC’s Heather Kovar takes us there.

She’s on set of Shear Madness with the co-creators from the Capital Region. It’s really exciting because after nearly 40 years of Shear Madness opening in Lake George, it’s finally opening in New York City.

Marilyn Abrams and Bruce Jordan, the co-creators, talk about what it’s like to finally open in New York City.

“My heart is pounding really!” said Marilyn Abrams.

“Well I would say, in Lake George you could take six of those sets and put them in this one. When you sit in this barber chair, you could reach the desk with your other hand. We really have a lot more space, a lot more room,” said Bruce Jordan.

Shear Madness has performed in Boston for 37 years, Four years in Paris, they are opening in London, but what’s so big about finally opening in NYC?

“Well this is the capital of theater in the U.S., and maybe even the world. So we talk about this barber chair, it’s very important in this play. It takes a very comic turn and everybody loves the chair and hopefully everyone will love it in NY,” said Marilyn.

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