Store owner looks toward future after massive Albany blaze

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  There is still no word if the fire was caused by accident or set on purpose, what’s left of the building is rubble and a small business owner’s livelihood is in pieces.

All Khaled Kassim could do is watch as everything he’s worked more than a decade for came crashing down.

“Right now I don’t know, I don’t know what I can do because I lost everything,” Kassim tells News 10.

Kassim was working in his convenience store on the bottom floor of the otherwise empty building last night when he says he smelled something burning.

“I look all over in the store in the basement in the back and everywhere, I don’t find anything,” Kassim says.

Jenesia Alcantara’s family owns the building next door her priority last night was making sure everyone in its eight apartments and four storefronts got out safely.

“And then we started running up and down the back porch knocking on everyone’s doors, saying there’s a fire, There’s a fire, to get out immediately,” Alcantra says.

The Red Cross is helping about a dozen people who were displaced.

“The most important part which is one thing you can never replace in life is someone’s life and we are so thankful that no one was hurt, no child was hurt, no one was hurt,” Alcantra said.

No one was hurt but Kassim says his livelihood is on the line, he tells News 10 the store was his livelihood and helped put food on the table for his eight kids and two grandchildren.

“They cried that’s our support, that’s our life,” Kassim said.

A life they will now have to rebuild- from the ground up.

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