Snow tires: Do you really need them?

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Here in the Capital Region we’ve been having some pretty nice weather lately, making it all the easier to really get ready for the winter.

However, snow is coming. So when you are getting your car ready, should you stick with all season tires or go for snow tires?

NEWS10ABC has the answer.

The change in seasons can mean the change of tires.

According to Mike Riggione of Town Fair Tire, snow tires can be a better choice than all-season tires when the roads are slick, icy, and full of snow.

“If you feel your car is sliding a little bit too much in the snow and it is getting uncomfortable for you, that is when I would recommend using snow tires,” Riggione said.

He said you might be fine with all-season tires, but snow tires make a big difference in the ice or snow.

Winter tires have extra grooves and are designed to push snow away from the tire. Riggione says all-season tires don’t have an aggressive tread like snow tires.

“Every car is going to handle differently in the weather. A lot of all-wheel-drive cars do very well, and there are some that aren’t too great in the snow. So it is really up to the individual.”

Most new vehicles have technology that gives us control, but Riggione says it ultimately comes down to your tire.

“Usually on high performance vehicles, the way they are set up is for mostly dry and wet weather. If you have a vehicle that is categorized as a high-performance vehicle with a lower profile tire, snow tires do make a big difference.”

Riggione said that if you’re putting on snow tires; make sure to put them both on the front and back. Having only two snow tires can be a hazard.

“You want the front part of the car and the back part of the car to have identical traction,” he said.

“The best judgment is if you feel your car sliding too much in the deeper snow and it’s not handling the way you like, and it’s out of your comfort zone, a set of four snow tires would make all the difference in the world.”

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