West Mountain Ski Resort prepares for the winter season

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s the second week of November and things are already gearing up here at the West Mountain Ski Resort.

One of them is their new chair lifts! A helicopter had put those chair lifts in place and to ensure safety, they’re still going through inspections but it’ll most certainly be ready in time for the opening of ski season.

The resort is looking to have those available by December 5, which is later compared to last year only because they say there’s a lot more going on the mountain here.

There isn’t any snow on the mountain just yet but that’ll soon change. Their snow-making machines are all new and ready to go.

They will also be adding new led lighting on the mountain and a new trail that gives people a great view of the mountain for the first time.

The ski resort is having a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 12 to celebrate their new features.

Aside from their new snowmaking machines and chair lifts, there’s also their new snowmaking lines on the Holy Mackeral and Gnar Wall.

The main snowmaking pump was refurbished in the 2013 to 2014 season and this past August, they installed a coated steel snowmaking pipeline.

This will triple the capacity of the previous mainline and allow higher water pressure to flow through. All in all, skiers will get to experience more snow and faster skiing on the Holy Mackeral trail.

The new trail on the Gnar Wall will give people a great view of the mountain for the first time! It’s a steeper slope and it uses a cable system tethered higher up on the mountain for a smoother ride on then steeper terrain.

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