Oath keepers hold rally in support of local police officers

SARATOGA, NY (NEWS10) – A local group showed up in Saratoga on Broadway Sunday for our men and women in blue to show support for local police.

This is in response to multiple targets against officers in New York over the last year.

“It really needs to stop we have to start get out there and show your support and not just talk about it”, said Tom McGinty of the Oath Keepers.

They’re the Oath Keepers of Warren, Fulton, and Saratoga Counties. This is their third rally that they have held in the Capital Region the last few months.

“It makes me angry it makes me angry and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing”, said McGinty.

The group also said they’d like to see guns in the hands of teachers and school administrators to protect students. However, not everyone we spoke with in Saratoga agreed with that idea.

“I think that’s a little bit too extreme definitely”, said McGinty.

Protecting the men and women who protect us every day was the message most people we spoke with were happy to get behind.

“I feel like there’s been a lot of criticism on police but they really do just try to do their jobs and they try to keep us safe”, said Saratoga resident Amanda Galil.

“I think it’s good I think that message probably should be maybe a little more widely distributed and conveyed”, said Saratoga resident Don Annino.


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