3 UAlbany students injured at house party

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – “Whenever there’s an incident on campus, that I’ve noticed, the communication has always been pretty quick with it. Perhaps because it was downtown that information isn’t relayed as quickly, but for the most part the information is relayed at a fair rate”, said UAlbany student Karen Verma.

Word of an early morning incident at an off campus party hasn’t made its way around the University at Albany campus yet. Three students, a 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds, were hurt in a fight at a house party.

“It was later determined that it happened on Hamilton Street on the 400 block during a house party. All 3 individuals sustained lacerations. One had a laceration to his face, the others to the arms and hands”, said Albany Police Officer Steve Smith.

Police said the fight happened between four people, the three who were injured and the person who allegedly caused the lacerations. The attack was also deemed not a random act.

“As a result of an altercation between them and a person that they knew at a house party”, said Smith.

The three victims made their way back to SUNY. Campus police were then notified of the incident.

It was then that the three students were taken from campus to Albany Med for treatment. Their injuries are being called very minor.

Now Albany police and the University at Albany are working together.

“It’s nice to know if communities out there that are trying to help our students”, said Verma.

“Right now we’re still just conducting our investigation. Obviously our first priority was to make sure that the students got the medical attention they needed”, said Smith.







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