Death Wish Coffee vies for Super Bowl commercial

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — They don’t call themselves Death Wish Coffee for nothing.

“We tried to be a strong coffee but we didn’t realize we were the world’s strongest coffee until some third party news sites reported that we were”, said Death Wish Coffee owner Michael Brown.

Their next “wish” is to win a thirty second commercial during the Super Bowl. And as many of us know, the commercials are a hot topic of discussion after the game.

“We’ve been working to win this competition for the past four months”, said Brown.

And when I asked how they made it this far, they simply told me “we’re in the top three”, said roast manager John Swedish.

And doing what they love which is making coffee.

“The intensity and the boldness that you get from a coffee actually comes through the roasting process”, said Swedish.

Death Wish Coffee said they have minimal involvement in HOW their ad would look like if they were to be picked. They hope it will send the message of them being the most caffeinated coffee on this planet.

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