“Marvel Live”, Make-A-Wish give local kids superhero training

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kids battling diseases are superheroes every single day, but now Make-A-Wish is helping them look the part.

It’s not easy being a superhero. You have to be strong, smart and athletic, but above all, you have to be brave. And 9-year-old Nathan Weinberger, from Ballston Spa, has got all of that down.

“I want to be an F18 pilot,” Nathan said.

Nathan has a condition called ITP, which means his blood doesn’t clot well. His dad, Michael Weinberger, said Nathan must always be very careful.

“So from six on, no soccer, no football, no baseball, no sports, no gym,” Michael said.

Sometimes Nathan is left on the outside looking in.

“All the boys in my class, they do soccer, hockey, and it’s very upsetting,” he said.

But on Thursday, Nathan could do everything that anyone else can. He, along with other kids, went through superhero training at the Times Union Center with the cast of “Marvel Universe Live.”

“Doing all the things that Make-A-Wish let me has made me a lot more happier,” Nathan said.

One of those things was a special trip to see the Naval base in Norfolk, Va.

“A lot of trips are to Disney, but he’s a military aficionado,” Michael said. “He wants to go to Annapolis and be a Navy pilot. Hopefully, he can go. May or may not. We’ll see how time goes.”

Nathan said he’d never have that big dream if it weren’t for his condition.

“I wouldn’t have chosen what I wanted to do without my ITP,” he said.

Nathan makes sure to look at the positive side of things – making it clear that not every superhero wears a cape.

The kids who went through superhero training also got to be in the audience for the Thursday showing of “Marvel Universe Live.”

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