Viral: 4 y/o daughter tattoos dad, internet goes wild

FLORIDA (NEWS10) – A dad in Florida is facing an online debate after he shared a photo of his 4-year-old daughter giving him a tattoo.

Brad Bellomo is 30-years-old and owns the Third Eye tattoo shop in Florida. Recently he posted a photo to Facebook showing his daughter Chloe drawing a strawberry on his arm with a needle inside his parlor. He shared the incident with his friends online:

“Today was her first real tattoo! A little wobbly but she did great and it’s still cute… Keep in mind she just turned 4 end of August!”

The picture has earned more than 100,000 likes in the past week, but it’s also caused a lot of negative backlash – as his photo keeps getting reported on the social media site. Some people praised the tattoo shop owner for teaching his child the skill, while others reported his post for ‘graphic violence.’

In the photo Chloe is seen wearing rubber gloves and looking very serious as she concentrates on drawing on her father’s arm.

Brad said that he’s ‘so proud’ of his daughter for completing her first real tattoo, using the hashtag ‘#daddydaughtertattoo’.

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