Activists call for change in Dontay Ivy case

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Community activists held a rally to call for action in the death of Dontay Ivy.

Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration, members of Ivy’s family and other residents gathered at Albany City Hall on Monday at the Common Council’s regular meeting.

They introduced a citizen’s resolution that demands the immediate termination of the four officers involved in Ivy’s death as well as the resignation of Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

Soares announced on October 28 that the officers involved would not face any criminal charges.

On April 2, Ivy was Tasered during a confrontation with police and suffered what police called a medical emergency. A medical report said Ivy died from a pre-existing heart condition, and the Taser and stress of the incident contributed to his death but did not cause it.


Ivy’s sister Aneisha Johnson was among those speaking about her brother’s passing.

“I used to walk with him at night in fear that someone in the streets would bother him cause of his condition,” she said. “But I never would’ve thought someone meant to protect him would hurt him.”

Police released video evidence from the night Ivy died on October 30.

Ivy Family friend Tre’ Staton said he’s replayed the surveillance video several times. He said justice for Ivy is a chance to rebuild the mistrust that is growing between the community and police.

“Bridge a level of trust with community who are very adamant that injustice was performed,” he said.

Many Common Council members said they are troubled over the community’s concerns. Though they said they cannot legally overturn a grand jury decision, they will try and determine what they can do.

“Looking at what is in the resolution that falls within our legal purview, there are many items in there,” council member Judd Krasher said. “But the message was loud and clear tonight that people want change in how the Albany Police Department functions.”

The resolution also called for the end of Tasers used by Albany officers. Council members said the Tasing policy is something they can look into.

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