Contractor finds bones in the lawn of a Stockade home

SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – Schenectady Police are investigating the discovery of bones in the back yard of a home on 14 North Church Street.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the bones were discovered on Monday, October 26th by a contractor who was putting up a fence for the homeowner.

The contractor found the bones while digging a hole for a fence post and the bones were located about 12-18 inches below ground.

The contractor took the bones home and showed his wife, who is a nurse. The wife stated that the bones might be human, and the contractor took them back to N. Church St.

The homeowner, who was not in town, was advised of the discovery this afternoon and she immediately contacted the police.

The bones were recovered by a detective from the Crime Scene Collection Unit and will be turned over for a forensic examination.

It is not known at this time if they are human or animal or how long they may have been buried there.

Police are still on the scene investigating.

NEWS10 is determined to give you updates as they come available.

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