Video footage released showing Dontay Ivy confrontation

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany police chief released surveillance video from the night Donald “Dontay” Ivy died after a confrontation with officers.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares announced on Wednesday the four officers involved in the incident would not face any charges in Ivy’s death. The 39-year old died after being Tased by police.

On Friday, the video that Soares said partly helped exonerate the officers was released. Police Chief Brendan Cox showed three videos that he said showed his officers acting within the limits of the law when they Tased Ivy. Cox said the three videos are all police have from that night. They show, in part, the moments leading up to Ivy’s death.

Cox said his officers stopped Ivy because they thought he might be concealing a weapon.

“They noticed that he had his left arm tucked up into his sleeve,” he said. “’Walking heavy’ is a term that means concealing a weapon.”

Ivy, however, did not have a weapon. And Cox said his officers did not know at the time that Ivy’s strange behavior was due to mental illness and that he had a preexisting heart condition.

The chief said things went bad when officers tried to pat Ivy down. That’s when a struggle began and the officers fired a Taser once, but it didn’t work. Cox said security video taken from a school shows Ivy running from police.

Ivy was Tasered six more times. Cox said the final two stopped Ivy.

Backup officers arrived, and Cox said dashboard camera video showed the initial officers struggling with Ivy. He said Ivy kicked at officers, and they responded twice by striking Ivy on the lower part of his body with a baton. Its moments later they realize Ivy wasn’t moving.

Officers can be seen performing chest compressions in the video.

The medical examiner said Ivy’s heart gave out due to the stress of the entire event, and the Taser was a contributing factor but not what killed him.

Ivy’s family members watched the tapes and claim to have seen repeated beating and an officer spitting on Ivy. The chief flatly denied both.

“I have a responsibility to this city to not have this kind of information out there that’s not true,” Cox said.

The chief said he met with Ivy’s family several times and has offered his condolences. The mother of his son gave the city notice that she intends to file a lawsuit.

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