Two candidates vying for Albany Co. Executive position

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two candidates are running for the position of Albany County Executive.

The candidates are incumbent Dan McCoy and challenger Joe Vitollo.

McCoy has served Albany County as its executive for the past several years. He’s hoping to stay in office and continue the work he’s started. But Vitollo wants to make some major changes and is planning to take a pay cut if elected.

McCoy said he’s proud of the work he’s done in Albany County so far, but he said he’s nowhere near close to being finished.

“We’re turning the ship around,” he said. “Kind of in the right direction of getting our finances under control. But we’re also extending services. We started a bunch of new services.”

But Vitollo isn’t happy with where the county is headed and plans to make some major changes.

“We are supposed to be public servants; not making the public serve us,” he said. “So as far as government, that’s where I would go – decreasing the size of government, decreasing the cost of operations.”

Vitollo said one of his top priorities is to bring in more business.

“Let’s decrease the machine and make Albany County a place where people can come and work and not have to worry about somebody sticking their hands in their pockets,” he said.

McCoy said he’s done well with the budget.

“We have to treat county government as a business,” he said. “We have to strive to make a profit, but at the end of the day, instead of going to the shareholders, it goes to the taxpayers and the constituents of Albany County.”

His first order of business if re-elected would be to continue programs he’s started, including the youth program by adding an educational aspect to it.

“99.9 percent of these kids in these youth programs, in general, in high school, they don’t go on to the pros, but we can make them good citizens in our county,” McCoy said.

Vitollo plans to reduce his own paycheck on his first day.

“The first thing I would do is reduce my salary by ten percent,” he said.

Vitollo said he’s running for office because he cares about people in the county and wants to effect real change. McCoy said he’s been working hard for Albany County and wants to keep on that path.

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