Rally held to find justice for Dontay Ivy

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A rally was held Friday night to find justice for the man who died while in police custody.

Donald “Dontay” Ivy died in April 2015 after he was tased by Albany police. On Wednesday, it was announced the four officers involved in the incident would not be indicted.

The rally is to protest the grand jury’s decision. The protesters began by going to the door of the Albany Police Department and demanding to be in let in. They were not let into the building, but they had a list of demands, including the resignation of Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

“You can paint it like a sunshine or sun ray, but you murdered Dontay,” Ivy’s aunt Celinda Okwuosa said.

The family of the 39-year old and dozens of protesters voiced their anger changing “no justice, no peace.”

Protesters claimed Albany police racially profiled Ivy and used excessive force. Police released video of the incident on Friday. It showed Ivy running from police and being Tased at least six times.

Police said they thought Ivy had a gun, but he did not. Authorities said Ivy became aggressive.

Protester Rosy Galvan believes police did not handle the situation correctly, but police said they did not know Ivy suffered from mental illness.

“To think about someone’s mental state in that moment, of course, he was terrified and may not have acted the way they thought was appropriate,” she said.

Protesters took it a step further. They blocked the road at Henry Johnson Boulevard in the name of Ivy.

The group continued on as they marched from the police department to Second Avenue and Lark Street where Ivy died following the altercation with police.

The group that rallied said they are not done and plan to do the same Monday evening at Albany City Hall.


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