News 10 spends a night at haunted Fort William Henry

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At Fort William Henry, through a hallway to the artillery room, was one hot spot for some possible paranormal activity.

NEWS10ABC joined investigators with the northern New York Paranormal Research Society around midnight on Friday and as we entered the artillery room, the EMF device jumped. The device measures electromagnetic fields. It went from 0-36 and back.

“What’s funny though is when we were here for the first session, the guy that had that was sitting right here and that is where we were getting the same spikes,” said Adam Blakley, NNYPRS.

The group started earlier in the night, along with FLY 92.3 and listeners. It was part of the radio stations 9th annual haunted broadcast.

“We have some possible whispers,” said Dave Zirpoli, Vice President of the Northern NY Paranormal Research Society.

Zirpoli says they had eight cameras set up around the fort for 4 -5 hours, as well as 5-6 recorders and other devices, producing hours of footage to log.

One thing they did get; some faint voices. Their goal is to disprove what might seem out of the ordinary – that way when they get something, it’s something!

They thought they had a dark figure, but after and hours of watching the video they realize it was just someone’s shadow. However at points, their equipment would stop working.

“A lot of our equipment seemed to die, and we went back to home base and a different area and the batteries would be fine,” said Zirpoli.

He says spirits take the energy, so they can communicate with us.

“That’s the theory behind it is, that they need energy in order to manifest themselves, that’s the explanation for cold spots and warm spots if the energy is being taken out of the environment,” Zirpoli said.

With so much history at the Fort, many believe it’s bound to be haunted with all the history. In 1757 during the French and Indian war, hundreds were killed there.


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