New shooting range helps train local officers

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Colonie Police Department has a new moveable target system.

Target shooting is how police officers stay sharp and how recruits are tested. But in the real world, a suspect rarely stands still.

“Many times, officers involved in shootings, the assailant is moving or running at them or running left or right at them,” Colonie Police Deputy Chief Michael Woods said.

Now, officers in 20 area law enforcement agencies will be trained using a system that features high-tech targets that move at just the touch of a finger.

“Our range instructor can sit up here and control all the moving targets on a wireless pad up here,” Colonie Police Chief Jon Teale said. “It becomes more realistic. They’re able to practice split second decisions, including friendly and unfriendly.”

On Friday, leaders gathered to dedicate the new range made possible by $300,000 from the Drug Enforcement Agency – money that was seized from drug busts.

“This is a major investment that the DEA has helped us with, so this is going to mean a tremendous amount of advanced training,” Colonie Town Supervisor Paula Mahan said.

Overall, Chief Teale said the range will give officers enhanced training.

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