Troy voters to choose between 4 candidates for mayor

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a crowded race for Troy mayor with four candidates vying for the seat in Tuesday’s election.

From addressing crime in Troy to dealing with the budget, four different candidates are vying for the vote to become the next mayor of the Collar City. The candidates are democrat Patrick Madden, Rodney Wiltshire for the Working Families Party, republican Jim Gordon, and independent Jack Cox.

They all agree crime in Troy is a big issue, but how they plan to address it is different for each candidate. The popular opinion is to go back to community policing as well as finding the money for it.

“And what we need to do is rely on the people who are out in every neighborhood, in every house, on ever porch, every stoop,” Madden said.

“It fosters a better communication, trust,” Wiltshire said. “It’s proactive in preventing crimes, and it’s also great at helping solve crimes.”

“We need to go back to more hands-on approach to deploying our city services,” Gordon said.

“As long as we continue to struggle with these taxes and the burdens that New York State puts on us, crime is going to continue to increase in the city of Troy,” Cox said.

The next big topic was the budget.

“When we have that income stream and cutting out expenses, we’ll have that money in order to deploy the public safety in a manner that we need to do that,” Wiltshire said.

“We’ve got some tough roads ahead of us financially,” Gordon said. “And without the proper people working in conjunction with myself, we’re not going to get to where we need to be.”

“We need to be able to get more efficiency and productivity out of the departments, so that we’re getting more for the money that we’re spending” Cox said.

“Budgeting is a 365-day a year issue,” Madden said. “And we need to be thinking about budgeting every day. Every action we take has a budgeting implication.”

All reasons the candidates think they should be voted into office.

“Concerns have seemingly fallen on deaf ears,” Gordon said. “My ears are perked, and we’re ready to address these concerns.”

“The life experiences that I have I have a better grip on reality, and where we need to be in the city than the other candidates do,” Cox said.

“I have a wealth of experience in law, in finance, risk management, and community development,” Madden said. “These are key areas that the next mayor needs to address.”

“I have a vision; I have leadership, and I want what’s best for the city of Troy,” Wiltshire said.

The candidates all said surrounding themselves with the right people if elected is important.

Madden said he’ll hear the staff’s concerns and tell them his vision for the city.

Wiltshire would make sure his staff is ready for change.

Gordon said he’d make a road map with the people around him to head in the right direction.

Cox said he won’t wait for his first day in office, but instead, meet with current administration to make the transition easy.


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