Colonie Town Supervisor candidates discuss platforms, issues

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The polls open in just over a week, and one of the elections on people’s minds is the race for Colonie Town Supervisor.

The race for town supervisor is between incumbent Paula Mahan and current county legislator Christine Benedict.

Mahan said her platform consists of four ideas: stabilizing finances, building a fund reserve balance, public safety and basics of infrastructure.

“We continue to work towards smart growth and development,” she said. “Our main focus is on redevelopment of vacant and underutilized properties.”

Benedict said her campaign is centered around development issues in the town.

“I think that too many projects are being rushed through without looking at the proper infrastructure,” she said. “Can the roads hold it? What about the neighborhoods? What do we do from here?”

Benedict said that’s the number one problem currently facing Colonie.

“The issue would be development not being properly planned,” she said.

Mahan said the number one issue isn’t necessarily a problem, but rather the need to continue smart spending.

“Public safety and infrastructure and providing excellent services for our people with the lowest taxes around,” she said. “We can’t do any of that without financial stability.”

Mahan said she would continue with smart spending if she is re-elected.

“I’d like to continue on the path that I’m on,” she said. “And day one, I’m looking forward to that, and if we continue on this positive path, it’s going to continue to be a very good thing for our people.”

Benedict said if she is elected to office, she’d start by building a strong team.

“Figure out that I put the best of the best around me and to make sure that I have the proper highway people, the proper planning people, the proper attorney,” she said.

So why do the candidates say you should vote for them?

“There’s more work to be done, so I’d really like the opportunity to finish the job I started,” Mahan said.

“It’s that our voice will matter when I’m elected,” Benedict said.

Mahan also addressed the need to include possibly creating another five-year plan for repaving roads in the town. Benedict’s other concerns were the landfill and notifying homeowners when construction will be happening near their homes.

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