Zombies simulate apocalypse in Special Olympic race

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — “Just a little bit of blood and darken around the eyes”, said zombie runner Katherine Pennington.

I’ve been infected! But it’s okay, it’s all for a good cause. It’s to raise at least fifty-thousand dollars for the Special Olympics 5K race.

200 zombies

“We have some craziness going on”, said Special Olympics Vice President of New York Renee Snyder.

And 700 runners came together to benefit those with disabilities. This is the one of the biggest fundraisers for the Special Olympics.

“We hope to bring those people out who may not be competitive runners but want to come out with their family and have a really good time, a great family event and walk away feeling good about what they did today”, said Snyder.

“I love helping people out and just running in general”, said zombie runner Xearia Tufino.

Zombies were dragging their feet on the course, trying to capture all the runners’ flags before they reached the finish line.

“I worked with people with developmental disabilities for about eight years. My favorite job, so supporting Special Olympics”, said runner Carrie Burns.

But all the runners knew well enough the zombies weren’t so bad. After all, they did donate their fair share of money to scare people for fun.



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