Woman gives birth in her car

CATSKILL, NY (NEWS10) – A roadside delivery ended at the car wash, for one local mom on the way to the hospital.

Her new-born just couldn’t hang on any longer. Saturday we caught up with the mom and baby at Columbia Memorial Hospital.

“I went to bed last night around three in the morning. I felt contractions but they weren’t lasting long”, said Amanda Busti.

But by Saturday morning, those contractions became more painful and Amanda knew it was time to head to Columbia Memorial Hospital.

“We grabbed our bags about five minutes later they were really coming on. By the time we had pulled out the driveway, my water had broke”, said Busti.

Her baby wasn’t waiting for the hospital.

“We were on the side of the road and I felt the head come out”, said Busti.

So right then and there with her husband driving and Amanda in the back seat of the car, she delivered her baby girl on the side of the road.

“She was in my hands I pulled her out. It was surreal I thought it like in the movies”, said Busti.

They pulled into a car wash to wait for the ambulance to take them to the place that baby Abrianna couldn’t wait for.

“It never crossed my mind I wouldn’t make it to the hospital”, said Amanda.

Now at seven pounds and fourteen ounces, Abrianna is camera ready.

Her mom Amanda was happy to be out of the car.

“If I have a third baby get here as soon as I feel a contraction”, said Amanda.

Amanda and her baby are very healthy. This is Amanda’s second child. Abrianna has a brother who is twenty-one months old.


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