Police search for suspects in Rotterdam armed robbery

ROTTERDAM JUNCTION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police continue to investigate the armed robbery that took place at a local convenience store.

It was an otherwise normal Wednesday night at the Quik Stop Food Mart on Main Street in Rotterdam Junction when two masked men came running in. One pointed a rifle or shotgun only inches away from the owner’s face.

The owner did not want to go on camera, but he told NEWS10 ABC the experience had him fearing for his life, and he couldn’t sleep Wednesday night. He said when the suspects walked through the door, they told him to “put his hands up” and “don’t move or we’re gonna blow your head off.”

Josh Hayden lives down the street from the store. He said he stopped by the store shortly after the crime was reported to make sure everyone was okay.

“I was pretty frightened myself,” he said. “Cops were here all night. I live right down here on Main Street.”

Police continue to look at surveillance video of the robbery. They said the placement of the camera was ideal to provide a look at what happened inside as well as clues outside.

“You’ll see both suspects enter through the window here; the store owner is behind the register,” Lt. Michael Brown said as he reviewed the footage.

In addition, Lt. Brown took note of the large gun one of the suspects was holding.

“As they come in, this suspect is telling them to both put their hands up, or he’ll shot them,” he said.

As the suspects prepare to leave, Lt. Brown sees something else in the video – the car of another customer who came to see if everyone inside was okay as well as to call police.

Police said the two suspects ran from the store with cash and a bag filled with cigarettes. Meanwhile, Hayden returned to the store on Thursday still worried the two masked men haven’t been caught.

“You don‘t know where they are,” he said. “Guy with a gun could be right in front of my house. I’m still scared. Until they find them, I will be scared.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Rotterdam Police at (518) 355-7397.

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