Grandmother, neighbor concerned after baby hospitalized following alleged abuse

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A young toddler is recovering after alleged abuse, but his grandmother is concerned for his safety once he leaves the hospital.

Amber is the paternal grandmother of 15-month-old Chase. She can’t help but become giddy when she sees his face.

“He really is beautiful,” she said. “So well behaved. He would sit there and just watch TV and play with toys. So well behaved.”

But Chase is now recovering in the hospital.

On October 3, police were called to his home at Griswold Heights in Troy. They said the boy was in cardiac arrest with head injuries.

“He had this big thing on his head; this big injury,” Amber said. “He had two staples in the back of his head.”

Tabatha A Coons

Police said his mother, 25-year-old Tabatha Coons, is responsible for his injuries. She was arrested and charged with Assault in the First and Second Degree.

Police said she told investigators she became frustrated after a fight with her boyfriend and threw the child in his crib. She threw him so hard, the crib broke, according to police.

“It’s disgusting because I have three girls, and I could never imagined putting harm on my child,” Coons’s next door neighbor Heavenly Dabbs said.

Dabbs said she has known Coons for about 10 years and said Coons was a good friend.

“If she could help you, she’d be willing to help you, but as far as motherhood, she was slacking,” Dabbs said.

Dabbs claimed she tried to help Coons in the past.

“I always tell every young mom, if you need help, seek it,” she said. “Don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with getting help.”

Police said the child is doing better, but Amber said she’s worried for her grandson’s safety.

“I’m not trying to take the baby away from anybody,” she said. “Just really, really nervous about the baby going where he’s going to be hurt again. I just want him safe.”

Chase’s father lives on Long Island. He said he’s sick about what happened and is asking others to keep his son in their prayers.

Coons remains in jail for lack of bail.

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