Dozens of pets have gone missing in Saratoga Co. neighborhood

O'Malley (Photo: Nancy Tudor)

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Several cats have gone missing in Clifton Park in the past four months and none of them have been found.

People living in The Oaks neighborhood of Clifton Park are wondering where their cats went. Residents said they regularly leave their cats outside overnight, and they normally come home the next morning.

But lately, things have not been the norm.

Nancy Tudor has lived in her Clifton Park neighborhood for 12 years. Five of those years she had her cat, O’Malley. O’Malley was always an indoor/outdoor cat, according to Tudor, but he’s been missing since July 12.

“One day, he just didn’t come home,” she said. “So I did the normal. I looked around and put flyers out.”

After visiting the website, Tudor learned she was not alone and connected with multiple other Clifton Park residents missing their cats.

“But as time went on, we realized that none of the cats were coming home,” Tudor said. “No one was finding them. No one was finding any pieces.”

Tudor said she has spoken with Clifton Park officials about trying to find the cats, and she wants an investigation to be done on the matter. But Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett said an investigation may be more of a wish than a reality.

“History and past experience leads us to believe that this situation is caused by predators such as coyotes, foxes, owls, eagles; possibly even fishers,” he said.

Tudor said she has spoken with residents of neighboring subdivisions within a one-mile radius of her home that are missing cats as well. The areas between the neighborhoods are woodlands.

“These predators can move unnoticed within these wooded areas, and unfortunately, once they find a food source, they stay there,” Barrett said.

Barrett is also a cat owner. He said he empathizes with anyone who lost a member of their family, but he said you can never be too careful.

“Keep your cats inside as much as you can, especially in the evening, because that is when they are most vulnerable and fall prey to the animals that I just mentioned,” he advised.

Tudor agrees that pet owners should keep their animals inside.

“Keep your cats inside until the issue is resolved,” she said. “Or, you know, a lot of people think you should keep them inside at all times. They are pets.”

Currently, 43 cats and one dog are missing from the The Oaks area of Clifton Park.

If you have lost of found a pet in the area, click here to check the animal’s status.

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