Liquor license removed from Troy club after outside brawl

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Troy club has had its liquor license suspended after a violent fight this past weekend.

Cell phone video shows several people fighting with Troy police outside of RBC Jazz club on 4th street. The New York State Liquor Authority held a meeting on Tuesday, which determined the establishment will not be able to serve alcohol effective immediately.

The license suspension was posted on the club’s door on Wednesday. Owner Ramona Barry was at the club during the process but had no comment. The SLA this was not an isolated incident.

“The bar has a relatively long, adverse history with the liquor authority, and we have that mechanism that we can enforce when the public safety is at risk,” Vincent Bradley, Chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority, said.

The liquor authority previously fined the club $2,000 in August 2015 after a fight in front of the bar.

“We’ve had numerous complaints regarding noise, regarding altercations out in front of the establishment, and it got to the point where it was so bad – the complaint level – that we brought them in prior to the police fight incident, and we warned them and said you need to clean up your act,” Vincent Bradley, Chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority, said.

Patrons of the club said the establishment hasn’t been given a fair chance by authorities.

“Why are they outside the club and the cops are trying to shut this place down when it didn’t happen in here?” patron Derek Jackson wondered.

Bradley said the people involved in the fight were inside the club first, and the liquor authority won’t tolerate bars that foster a violent atmosphere.

“We believed the public health and safety was an issue, so we went forward with a summary suspension,” Bradley said.

Those who frequent the club said more needs to be done to find out exactly how the brawl began.

“I think they need to give this place a fair chance,” Jackson said. “At least try to find out what started everything and not just close them up because that’s the first thing they do all the time.”

The SLA had a meeting with those who run the club about a week ago before Sunday night’s fight happened.

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