Albany Devils get ready for thrilling home opener

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The countdown to the Albany Devils home opener is on!

It’s this Saturday at the Times Union Center against the Portland Pirates. To get you warmed up and ready, NEWS10ABC’s Heather Kovar has a preview of what this season has to offer.

Clearly it’s impossible to get by McPherson, so he showed us some penalties instead, such as high sticking.

“I’ll try to lift your stick, take the puck, and my stick might get away from me, I might hit you in the glove, I might hit you in the arm, I might hit you in the face. If I draw blood, that’s a four minute penalty,” said Corbin McPherson, defenseman

It’s McPherson’s fourth season with the Devils, however it’s a young team this year, so a great time to get to know them. You never know when you’re favorite player will get called up to the parent team.

Vice President of Communications, Kevin Zalaznik says 13 players on the current New Jersey Devils roster have played in Albany. Throughout the season, there are opportunities to interact with the Albany devils, such as postgame autograph and skate.

“The American league allows families to have access to these guys to get to meet them to interact with them and see what professional life is like,” said Zalaznik.

Life on the ice and the road demands taking care of your body and practice.

“We spend hours on the ice, daily an hour to an hour and a half. Off the ice, we’ll do workouts most days then we have games on the weekends. Nutrition is very important so we have to be careful, watching what we are eating and drinking off the ice, taking care of our bodies, getting enough rest, taking naps and recovering from practice and working out,” said McPherson.

Something else you’ll notice new this season, a slimmed down devil dawg with an improved physique to better move through the stands and crowd.

See you on Saturday at the Times Union Center!

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