NEWS10 ABC sits down with Jimmy Kimmel

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Brooklyn native Jimmy Kimmel is back home this week, and he brought the entire “Late Night Show” crew with him.

Kimmel started his career doing standup, and then he hosted “The Man Show” with Adam Corrolla. Now, he is a top late night host, and he’s getting ready for a week’s worth of show in his hometown.

Some big name guests joining Kimmel this week at the Brooklyn Academy of Music include Donald Trump, Bradley Cooper and Michael J. Fox. But as a high school kid with a weekly radio interview show, he never imagined he’d grow up to have his own television show.

In fact, Kimmel never thought he’d be on TV after a disastrous early attempt in Seattle.

“And when I saw myself on camera, I went home and watched it and thought, ‘Oh, boy, you’ll never be on TV. You are terrible,’” he recalled. “And I was as stiff and wooden as a human being possibly could be and to be on television was not in my plan in the first place.”

But in his hometown, Kimmel said the everyday people in New York have the best comedy material.

“Just last night, I had the funniest waiter,” he said. “It’s just something about, especially Brooklyn, that is different, and people are funnier here. It may be a stereotype, and it’s not a negative stereotype, but people are definitely funnier here than they are in other places.”

Monday’s guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” include Bill Murray, ballerina Misty Copeland, and music from Ryan Adams.

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