Experts recommend regular maintenance on heating systems

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Winter is fast approaching, but experts recommend getting your heating system checked out before turning it on.

“A lot of our calls are nuisance calls for leaves in the exhaust pipes,” Vice Pres. of Crisafulli Bros. Heating & Plumbing Alan Ayers said. “The customer has waited until they need it.”

Ayers recommends that homeowners have their heating system checked at least once a year to make sure that everything is working properly before the cold hits. He said doing so could eliminate freezing pipes or superheating faulty electric wiring, which could result in a fire.

“We used to do it every couple years,” he said. “Today, with the equipment, technology and complexity, it’s important that you have a certified professional there every year.”

While a professional checks the heating system, he will also check for carbon monoxide emissions. In addition to having emissions checked, Ayers advises that multiple carbon monoxide detectors be placed throughout the home.

“Without calling us and without spending any money aside from the cost of a carbon detector or two, that’s the best thing a homeowner can do to keep themselves protected and safe,” Ayers said.

Crisafulli Bros. said 20 percent to 30 percent of the calls they receive at the start of winter involve dealing with something that could have been prevented through maintenance throughout the year.

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