Community comes together after deceased woman found following fire

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy police said the body of a female was found inside an apartment following a fire.

“Until I walked around the back, and then I saw the smoke,” Susan Kelly, of Troy, said.

The smoke was coming from a fire that started in the back room of an apartment at 188 Delaware Ave. Troy Assistant Fire Chief James Hughes said the multiple residents living in the building made it out safe, but a woman living in the apartment where the fire began did not make it out alive.

Hughes said an unknown handicap may have made it harder for her to escape the fire.

“The information we have indicates that she did have a disability and that may have hampered her exit from the apartment,” he said.

The news was overwhelming for neighbors and those who knew the woman.

“We’d like everything to be back to normal, but it’s not going to happen,” Kelly said. “It’s cold, and we’re sad.”

The Delaware Avenue community quickly came together on Monday. Many gathered outside and met each other for the first time. They pitched in to help those who were displaced by offering a warm cup of coffee and comfort.

“I think they’re kind of in shock a little bit, so just having someone there, I was hoping would help a little bit,” Pat Cumo, of Troy, said.

Others opened their homes.

“We offered them a place to stay tomorrow because I know Red Cross said they can only stay one night,” Brian Waterhouse, of Troy, said.

Troy resident Erin Napper also tried to help.

“These are just like soaps and shampoo; deodorant; lotions; that sort of thing,” she said. “I don’t know what kind of help the people will get or when they’ll get it.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but Troy police and Troy fire do not believe any foul play was involved. Officials believe the fire was accidental.

The name of the deceased woman has not been released.

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