Students attend famous battle re-enactment in Schuylerville

SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Battles of Saratoga came alive in Schuylerville on Friday as the village marked 238 years since the American victory.

After things started with a bang, historians set the stage and described how the British laid down their weapons and surrendered to Americans on the banks of the Hudson River in Schuylerville.

The victory became a turning point in the Revolutionary War.

“It is the first time in history that a complete British army surrenders, and it happened here in Saratoga,” historian Sean Kelleher said.

The surrender convinced France to join the war.

“And ultimately, it leads to the success of America,” Kelleher said.

There was a wreath laying for the soldiers who died in battle and Schuylerville fifth graders sang “Yankee Doodle.” Salem Central School teacher Mary Skelly said the re-enactment was a valuable experience for her students.

“History has been alive in their backyard,” she said. “It gives them a true appreciation and understanding as well as to become citizens of the United States.”

And the re-enacters and historians can rest easy knowing the history of the Battles of Saratoga will live on in the students’ minds.

“And hopefully, they will develop an appreciation of their community’s history and how their community’s history really changed the world,” Kelleher said.

The students also re-enacted the victory toast. Glasses were raised 13 times – once for each of the 13 American colonies.

The actual anniversary is on Saturday. A candlelight house tour will take place on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary.

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