More vacant buildings to be flattened in Schenectady

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – Mayor Gary McCarthy has announced that five more blighted buildings in Schenectady will be demolished continuing the City’s proactive neighborhood revitalization efforts.

“We are pleased to announce that five more blighted buildings will come down in this next round of demolitions,” Mayor Gary McCarthy said. “These demolitions will continue our balanced approach of removing blight, including these buildings on the Broadway corridor, while supporting rehab projects to improve the quality of life in the City.”

The next round of demolitions includes:

–1419 Broadway

–1427 Broadway

–1431 Broadway

–806 Sprague Street

–1033 Forest Road

The Mayor released an updated schedule of on-going demolitions. Jackson Demolition based in

Schenectady will demolish the following buildings on these dates:

–1580 Foster Avenue 11/2

–710 Crane Street 11/9

–401 Brandywine Avenue 11/16 to 11/20

–706 Crane Street 11/16

–642-644 Crane Street 11/20

–636 Crane Street 11/30

–113 Duane Avenue 11/23

–319 Duane Avenue 11/25

–80 Wyllie Street 12/2

–227 Furman Street 12/7

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