Fourth grader raises money for local cancer patients

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A fourth grader is collecting loose change, and it’s all adding up for a good cause.

Jack Sweet goes to Jackson Heights Elementary School, and every Thursday during the month of October, students bring him whatever spare change they can.

It all goes to providing gas cards to cancer patients who have to travel far to get to their appointments.

“People that live in places that don’t have giant hospitals like there are in Glens Falls and Albany, it will take a lot of money,” Jack said.

And the students are also gaining better math skills along with learning how to be better people.

“Using the technology and estimation and for them to see the actual results right away, especially in the graph form is amazing,” Principal Carrie Mauro said.

Jack said helping others is helping him and his classmates heal from the loss of loved ones. “Pennies for Pink” was born three years ago when Jack lost his grandfather to breast cancer.

“When my pop-pop had cancer I nearly broke down in tears and ran to my room, but a few of them have felt the same feelings I did, so they wanted to help other people,” Jack said.

Jack’s mother, Cathy Sweet, said the sky’s the limit for her son.

“I think anything that Jack wants to do, he will accomplish; no doubt about it,” she said. “We are very, very proud of him; very proud.”

Jack said collecting pennies is a little thing, but there’s no telling what kind of impact it can have on those going through a tough time.

“Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference,” he said.

All that spare change really adds up. The first year of the program, the school raised $400. Last year, they raised $800, and this year, Jack is hoping to raise $1,000.

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