Tech companies struggling to fill demand

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Technology is the future for businesses worldwide, but tech companies are having trouble filling positions.

A survey in the Capital Region has shown technical companies can’t find enough skilled workers to fill open positions, including Transfinder in Schenectady. Transfinder develops school bus routing software for districts across North America.

Clinton Smith is the director of support services at Transfinder. He said they’re working to make sure their technology is the best of its kind.

“We are growing very fast,” he said. “So we’re trying to figure out how to do new things well and do new things quickly.”

Transfinder Pres. and CEO Antonio Civitella said Transfinder is having trouble finding enough people to work at the company.

“We’re going everywhere really at this point,” he said. “Across the oceans to find quality people that will help us get to the next generation.”

Miriam DuShane works with Linium Recruiting. Part of her job is to match jobseekers with potential employers. She said the problem with filling tech jobs is a lack of technical skills.

“There’s just not enough skilled, qualified professionals to fill all the positions,” she said.

Transfinder has more than a dozen jobs to fill.

“We’re looking for software engineers really from all levels,” Civitella said. “Whether it’s entry level, medium or more of senior individuals.”

So why is there such a large gap? Smith said it needs to start with education as early as high school showing students they can do anything they want with technology.

“You can do powerful things with that skillset and make a difference across the country; across the world,” he said. “And what more could you ask for?”

Jennifer Walters works with career services at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The school is known for producing STEM graduates. Walters said students should realize they don’t have to work at a large tech company to still be involved in the tech industry.

She said anything from fashion to sports to health can have a technical aspect to it. Walters said the most immediate thing that can be done to fill tech jobs is to get the word out about the high demand for skilled workers so that people can get the training they need.

“It might just be a certification; a couple courses they could go to,” she said. “Some employers are willing to help them get that. So I think marketing that and helping companies to market that would be the best way to go to fill that gap quickly.”

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