Officers jump into pool to rescue missing boy perched on pool cover

COLLINS, N.Y. (WIVB) — When a mother called for help from police after her boy went missing, New York State Police rushed to respond.

Officers say they received a call Monday from a mother in Collins after she couldn’t locate her 3-year-old son. Police say they arrived at the scene and a neighbor flagged them down, notifying them after she heard a strange sound of a child in a pool.

Police say they starting searching neighboring pools, finding a boy sitting on top of a pool’s solar cover. Officers jumped into the pool without hesitation to ensure the child’s safety.

“When I jumped over the side of the pool and grabbed him, he said thank you,” New York State Police Officer Gary Mahoney said. “I am glad that everything worked out and he is safe.”

Officers say they brought in first responders to check out the toddler for any injuries before returning the child to his mother.

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