City council in Pittsfield to vote on foam container ban

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Several businesses in Pittsfield are worried because the city is proposing to ban foam containers.

The decision to ban foam is something being talked about across the country right now. The name brand product is already banned in Washington D.C. In California, there is more recycling programs than bans.

Businesses in those cities have had to turn to paper or plastic. In New York City, school lunches are now being served on compostable plates rather than foam trays. NEWS10ABC spoke to a Pittsfield business last week about the proposed ban.

People in favor of the ban argue that foam is non-biodegradable and clogs landfills, creating a major environmental concern. Others say this ban would put their business in jeopardy, because foam containers are cheap and they say many of their customers prefer it because it keeps their food warm.

The city council will vote on the proposed ban Tuesday night.

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