#BlackLivesMatter written on officer’s coffee, people rally

Desiree Griffiths

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (NEWS10) – Protesters rallied outside a Providence Dunkin Donuts shop Monday in support of an employee who wrote #BlackLivesMatter on a police officer’s coffee cup.

Dunkin Donuts says the store’s owner apologized to the officer and counseled the worker.

Victoria Ruiz organized the Black Lives Matter rally across the street from where the controversial cup was written. Protesters want everyone to know it’s the message on the cup that really matters.

“We felt that it wasn’t just three words,” she said. “It has to do with something that’s happening nationwide.”

“The most important thing to be is realizing that black lives matter isn’t some kind of police hate group. We’re not out here telling people to cause anarchy or cause trouble, what we’re saying is that people of color matter just as much as anybody else in this world,” said a protester.

On Monday, the coffeehouse says in a statement they know about the rally and their focus at the restaurant is serving their guests.


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