Michigan off-duty cop saves boy alone, hurt at scene of crash

DETROIT, M.I. (NEWS10) – A Michigan police officer is getting a lot of attention for his actions while off duty and it’s for all the right reasons.

Lieutenant Joe Tucker, of the Detroit police, drove by the scene of an accident involving a woman and her four children. Tucker was off duty, but the 22-year-veteran of the force decided to stop and see if he could help.

One of the boys involved was not badly hurt, but alone – that’s when Tucker stepped in.

“Neighbors were tending to the other children, and the young man was still sort of alone. So he was crying and nervous, so I laid down next to him,” said Joe Tucker, police officer.

police officer saves boy 2“He said ‘you okay’ and ‘do you want to watch a motorcycle video’ and I said yes,” said the car crash survivor, Johntez Byrd.

EMS then took the family to the hospital.

The mother was so moved by what Lieutenant Tucker did, she later found him on Facebook because her son wanted to say thanks for being there.

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