Two bear sightings in Saratoga Springs in one week

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A bear sighting was reported in Saratoga Springs on Monday.

Neighbors said one bear on Dutchess Court was seen ripping down a bird feeder. Police said they received multiple reports from residents near the Skidmore section of town.

There were also droppings found in the area.

It was the second sighting in Saratoga Springs over the past week. One was on Catherine Street where Jerry Grolley has lived for 60 years.

“We’ve heard people saying they did see a bear,” he said.

Grolley said it was the first time he had ever heard of one in the neighborhood.

“We walk every morning at four or five o’clock in the morning seven days a week,” he said. “So we’ve never seen [a bear]. See a deer? Yes. Rabbits.”

One woman said she saw a black bear on the corner of First Street and Catherine Street while walking her dog in the early morning hours last week. She said she turned around and walked the other way as soon as she saw it.

That’s exactly what expert say to do if you come across a bear.

“Leave it alone,” Officer Mark Klein with the New York State Department of Conservation Police said. “They’re good to watch but stay away from it. If you’re concerned, give somebody a call that knows a little bit about them, and again, just remove the attractant and you remove the bear.”

Klein said the bears were probably looking for something to eat before going into hibernation.

“They’re just looking for a free meal,” he said. “They don’t want anything to do with people or pets as a general rule any more than you do.”

Grolley still thinks it’s strange a bear would be in his populated neighborhood.

“We don’t live in the woods,” he said. “We’re in the city limits.”

Klein said the bear spottings could be a result of construction or other disruptions of a bear’s habitat.

“They may be pushed into city limits or the townships and the rural areas a little bit more because of those activities,” he said.

The NYS DEC said keeping garbage, dog food, and bird seed inside can prevent bears from coming near your home. 

“You take away the attractant, whatever it is, and generally, the bear will move on,” Klein said.

Recently there have been bear sightings off Adams Road in Saratoga Springs and in the Clifton Park area.

If you see a bear that you think could be dangerous, you can call a DEC investigator toll free at (518) 897-1326 or the local Warrensburg office at (518) 623-1200.

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