Baby Jax’s mother expected in Ohio court

Hamilton County Detention Center

CINCINNATI (NEWS10) – The case regarding Baby Jax is headed to court on Tuesday.

Jessica Valik, 25, is due in an Ohio courtroom on Tuesday. She’s going before a judge to face charges for allegedly injecting something into her son’s feeding tube.

Valik is the mother of Baby Jax, who became well known and loved in the Capital Region. He is now 4-years old and suffers from epidermolysis bullosa, or EB , a rare and painful skin disease that causes his skin to blister and fall off.

Valik is originally from Johnstown. She and Jax have moved to various states for treatment.

Earlier this month, Valik allegedly injected an unknown substance into his feeding tube at a Cincinnati hospital where he is being treated for his condition. It has not been revealed what the substance is, but an Ohio prosecutor said it made Jax sicker, which resulted in Valik’s arrest.

Valik was charged with two counts of Child Endangerment and one count of Felonious Assault. She faces eight years in prison for the charges.

“We’re blindsided by this,” Valik’s brother David Valik Jr. told NEWS10 ABC earlier this month. “We never thought anything like this would ever happen. I mean, my sister loves my nephew, so my father is blindsided by what happened in Cincinnati.”

The indictment is expected to be unsealed in court on Tuesday, so more details are likely to be revealed, including what Valik allegedly put into Jax’s feeding tube.

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