Vigil held to remember victim of a deadly head on crash

JOHNSTOWN, NY (NEWS10) – Family and friends of Christopher Lander Junior said they’re trying to be strong, especially for his five-year old daughter, but it’s tough.

Sunday night they gathered at the site of that deadly crash to celebrate his life.

“He was my brother and my best friend”, said Michael Lander.

Michael Lander remembers his brother, 26-year-old Christopher Junior. He was killed in a car crash last Thursday.

“He was just a fun-loving happy person all around all the time. He only cared about his daughter, his family. That’s it. That’s all he did. He just loved his daughter”, said Lander.

Christopher was driving on Steele Avenue Extension in Johnstown when the car he was driving was hit head on by 25-year-old Josey Blair of Gloversville.

“I don’t know what to do without him”, said Robert Green, who was a friend of Michael Landers.

Robert Green was the passenger in Christopher’s car that day, a day that was like any other ordinary day, until it turned tragic.

“Coming from work, it’s what we did every day.  Going back and forth from work, stay with our kids”, said Green.

A candlelight vigil held at the site of the crash brought those who love Christopher together. People were signing a large wooden cross, adorned with Yankee flags and balloons, candles were lighting up the darkness and passed around the group.

Through the heartbreak and tears, the memories brought laughter and smile.

“Excited about everything, excited about stupid stuff. Yo we’re going to clean out the car”, said Lander.

“Everything, everything. He used to get mad at me for not letting him do the fun stuff”, said Green.

A life was taken too soon and one that won’t be forgotten.

“He was a funny kid. We used to do backyard wrestling all the time. He liked wrestling. He liked Yankees”, said Green.

“I mean there’s a lot of people who love him”, said Lander.

Police said they are still investigating the crash but said charges against Blair are expected.


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