Local departments mark national Fire Prevention Week

Firefighters say they come to the assembly all geared up in order to create a comfort level with the kids, so that if they ever come face to face in an emergency situation, they’ll know it’s just an ordinary person underneath it all.

It’s these volunteer firefighters from the Verdoy Fire Department that are underneath it all.

And this morning they had a chance to sit down for breakfast with students from Forts Ferry Elementary to get to know one another.

It was the kick off to their fire prevention assembly, something the kids look forward to each year.
“I’ve been doing it for three or four years and they love answering questions, raising their hands,” Chris VanBlarcom says.

While it’s a lot of fun, firefighters say they take the days lesson seriously,  making sure that these little ones know exactly what to do, if and when a fire breaks out in their home.

“Let them know we’re here for them, talk about fire safety so they know to get out of the house,” VanBlarcum says. “Makes our job easier, if they know what to do for accountability purposes  and parents know where they are.”

Each year there’s poster contest to illustrate the theme of fire prevention week. This year, it’s smoke alarm safety. A message they hope students will take home and share with their parents.

Today’s assembly covered everything from the fire safety motto of get low and go, to discussing an outdoor meeting spot with your family. But unlike in years past they aren’t passing out those neon orange stickers you used to place in your child’s bedroom window.

From 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, the Verdoy Fire Department will host an open house, featuring a fire extinguisher demo, a mock vehicle extrication and a chance to check out one of those big red trucks.


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