NEWS10’s own receives ticket for confusing red light infraction

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Lights, camera, ticket.

That’s what NEWS10 Account Executive Annette Quarrier received in the mail from Albany Police Department.

She got the ticket after she took a right turn onto Northern Boulevard from Albany Shaker to get to work as she does every other day.

“I don’t remember it at all. I don’t remember doing anything wrong”, said Quarrier.

Annete went online to check the six second clip from her citation.

“There’s my car you know takin a right”, said Annete.

There’s something else that’s hard to spot on the video.

“You can’t see the green arrow. Underneath there is an area for the video I don’t think you can see because of the light”, said Annette.

So NEWS10 went to check it out and sure enough you could see it with OUR camera. The green arrow that lights up the second the red light comes on.

“I know the tickets are being reviewed pretty much daily by members of our traffic safety unit”, said Steve Smith of the Albany Police Department.

Smith said all potential violations recorded by the cameras get put in a database that the traffic unit looks at daily. But the department has yet to release the number of violations they are looking at daily.

“They will look at the potential violation and determine yes this person went through a red light this person did not go through”, said Steve Smith. “If anyone feels like they were given a ticket unfairly they can follow the instruction”.

“My main concern is some of these tickets are not justified.  Maybe they’re not considering the arrows”, said Annete.

Annete is not the only driver to get one of these tickets.

“I went through the green arrow I still got a ticket I gotta pay it now I have no choice”, said driver Joseph Colon.

Officer Smith said that is not the case.

“If you feel like you were given a ticket unfairly plead not guilty and go through the process”, said Smith.

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