Fall weather brings harvest season to capital region

CASTLETON, NY (NEWS10) – With cooler temperatures finally upon us, that means apple picking is on people’s minds.

That’s a good thing according to the President of Goold Orchard in Castleton, Ed Miller.He said people just don’t think “apples” when it’s hot.

Miller said the 90 degree weather in September wasn’t perfect, that they need cool nights like we are having now to turn the apples red.He also said the five inches of rain this week wasn’t beneficial.

“We have gravel ground here so it’s pretty good for that. But it didn’t do the apple crop much good because there’s only two cells that hold the apple to the tree and this late in the season, Macintosh are dropping on the ground very quickly”, said Miller.

The crop in the entire Hudson Valley is said to be abundant this season. There are about 15 varieties of apples at Goold orchard.

They’re preparing for their 27th apple fest coming up October 10th and 11th.



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