Ethan Allen boating accident remembered

LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) – It was the deadliest boating accident New York has ever seen and it happened on Lake George a decade ago Friday, but for one first responder the memory of that day has never faded.

“The call came in at 14:56 I remember the time exactly”, said Bruce Kilburn.

On that fateful day October 2nd 2005, Bruce Kilburn was chief of the Lake George Volunteer Fire Department. He learned the Ethan Allen tour boat had capsized and forty-nine people were on board.

“It put us to the test that day. I’ve always been told that the good lord will only give you what you can handle but that day my plate was pretty full”, said Kilburn.

Kilburn said his crew did everything they could. It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching work.

“You kind of stay focused and do your job, which I did, I couldn’t let my emotions get to me, and they did in the end”, said Kilburn.

Twenty people lost their lives that day and Friday Kilburn, along with other first responders, area leaders, and clergy members gathered to remember the lives lost ten years ago.

The years will continue to pass but Kilburn and so many others will never forget.

“When it comes up and anniversaries and I’ll just hear something see something and it will just kind of trigger it and yeah it’s a pretty deep scar, it’s healing slowly, but it’s still pretty deep”, said Kilburn.

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