West Albany fire crews, National Grid respond to flooding

WEST ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Forced from their homes, families evacuated from Sumpter Street spent the morning in search of higher ground as relentless rains flooded their properties.

“The basement, you need scuba gear to get into,” said Robert Warland.

West Albany fire crews had to evacuate Warland’s family of seven, including young children and an infant.

“It’s coming up the back steps so it’s pretty scary, just glad we’re getting out of here,” said his wife, Antoinette Ulmer.

Right next door, Anthony Catalano’s deck turned into his dock.

“My four foot fence is under water,” he said.

At least seven homes were evacuated from Sumpter and other nearby streets. National Grid cut gas and power to the area as a precaution.

“We got a fire hazard, gas hazards so we want to get everybody out of the buildings to keep them safe,” said West Albany Fire Chief Daniel Sullivan.

After the storm, comes the cleanup. Crews say they will be pumping water out of homes well info the evening. Receding waters reveal their own set of problems.

“Mold clean up, water clean up, unfortunately it’s a typical thing you got to do,” said Catalano.

National Grid says it could be several days until power and gas is restored to homes in he area.

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