Washed out road strands nearly 500 residents

Credit: William Roberts Assistant Fire Chief Raymertown Fire Dept.

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – A road leading to the Terrace Haven Community collapsed Wednesday after heavy rains pummeled the area.

Raymertown Asst. Fire Chief William Roberts provided this photo of the road before it collapsed.
Raymertown Asst. Fire Chief William Roberts provided this photo of the road before it collapsed.

“I left this morning about 7:30 to go to work,” resident Jimmy Valenti said. “I seen the water was high. I didn’t think nothing of it. I got a call about 9:30 saying the bridge was starting to wash away.”

When Valenti tried to return to his home at Terrace Haven, he saw that the only road to his home had completely buckled. It caved to the water flowing underneath.

As Center Brunswick fire crews closed the road and Rensselaer County Emergency Management arrived to the scene, Valenti realized there was no way in or out for the nearly 500 residents living in the community, including the rest of his family.

PHOTOS: Road collapses, nearly 500 stranded

“My daughter was in school at Tamarac, so my friend picked her up, and I got my wife and my little boy over on that side,” he said.

Terrace Haven resident Peter Giftos also became concerned. What if someone on the other side needed help?

“If there was an emergency right now, the only way to get in is crossing the brook, which I understand is raging at this time and would be very dangerous,” he said. “So, you know, God forbid if there was a fire in there right now, they’d have no way to access that.”

Road Collapse2

It’s a dangerous reality Brunswick Town Supervisor Phil Herrington was well aware of.

“It’s very, very scary,” he said. “There’s a lady who just had open heart surgery; just got home. She’s on the other side. There’s a lot of seniors, so we’re very, very concerned.”

Crews worked quickly to fill the area with stone and then began installing culverts. With the potential for more rain, fear of the unknown remains.

“They said the hurricane might come up this weekend, so that’s a little scary,” VAlenti said. “I don’t know if they’re fixing this or temporarily but that could be trouble for the weekend as well.”

Residents that need shelter can go to the Center Brunswick Fire Department.



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