Rensselaer Co. residents voice disapproval of new pipeline

NASSAU, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hundreds of people met at a country club in Nassau Wednesday night to voice their displeasure with the new pipeline making its way into their neighborhood.

Residents of the Burden Lake area are concerned about a compressor station that would be built near their homes. Some people would even live within a half mile radius of the site.

They said they’re concerned for their safety and for their health. That’s the case for Barb and Mike Kania.

“It’s rather upsetting to know somebody is just going to put this compressor right in our backyard,” Barb said.

The Kanias live less than a mile from the build site, an area called the “incineration zone.”

“That’s scary terminology,” Mike said.

Cardiologist J.D. Filippone said people that live that close to the site have a right to be scared.

“I find this terrifying,” he said. “This would potentially have dramatic and dire consequences.”

He said the site would blow toxins into the air.

“There’s no known safe allowable exposure,” he said.

Filippone said it could lead to health problems such as nosebleeds, memory loss and cancer.

Kinder Morgan is the company overseeing the project. They released the following statement on Wednesday:

“We are confident that the project is needed and that it will be done safely. This is a long process and the regulators do their due diligence on all facets of the project ranging from energy need to environmental impact.”

Nassau Town Supervisor David Fleming laughed at the statement.

“It’s really just a combination of greed and laziness on the part of the corporations that are proposing this project,” he said.

Fleming said even though the town would be home to the compressor, residents wouldn’t see any benefits.

“Literally nothing,” he said. “We get no gas service, and instead, we get all the risk.”

The Kanias said it’s time to stop the building from moving forward before it destroys their land and maybe even more.

“I’m sure our lake will survive all of this; maybe we won’t,” Barb said.

“Shut it down,” Mike said. “Move it to someplace where it’s more appropriate.”

Currently, people in Rensselaer County are doing anything they can to stop construction of the site.

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