Officials discuss bullying with kids at Colonie HS

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Colonie High School held an anti-bullying forum ahead of Bullying Prevention Month.

Every day in virtually every school in the U.S., a child is bullied and now there’s a greater push than ever to stop it.

October is Bullying Prevention Month across the United States. Officials from Albany County and the town of Colonie gathered on Wednesday to put a spotlight on the problem and offer solutions.

They urged children to talk with teachers and parents if they feel they are being bullied. They also told students to not try and handle the problem on their own or internalize it.

Students also discussed how bullying has changed over the years.

“Definitely on social media with teenagers today,” Colonie High student John Cogan said. “Messages being sent, tweets being sent, what’s being said about people behind their backs thinking that students are invincible behind keyboards, but when you talk to them face to face, you know they aren’t able to defend themselves.”

Albany County has a Bullying Prevention Taskforce working on solution to the problem. They say the key is to say something to an adult if you see something.

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