Man charged with prostitution following Motel 6 search

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police charged a man they said was prostituting an 18-year-old woman and assaulting her with a stun gun.

Police searched a room on Tuesday at the Motel 6 on Central Avenue following a tip. During the search, they found a woman with marks consistent with a stun gun.

“Got information that the pimp was using a stun gun on her and that she may be injured and in further danger because he had a loaded handgun,” Colonie Police Lt. Bob Winn said.

Police originally believed the victim was under age.

“When we got to the room, they would not answer the door,” Lt. Winn said. “We were able to get inside. We were able to remove her quickly to safety and to take him into custody without any further incident.”

Police arrested 18-year-old Nizere Stephens. Upon arrest, he told officers he had a stun gun and marijuana in his pocket. He has been charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Promoting Prostitution, and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

“She certainly did have some injuries on her that did appear to be consistent with the use of a stun gun,” Lt. Winn said. “She did not identify those as being from that, however, that was immediately after being taken from the room.”

After getting a search warrant, police found a loaded 10mm Smith & Wesson handgun under a bed.

Stephens has been arrested before, but a judge gave him a break in the past. Following prior arrests, he was granted youthful offender status and an opportunity to start again.

Stephens was arraigned in Colonie Town Court and remanded to Albany County Jail without bail.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending, including the possibility of a Sex Trafficking charge.

Police said the victim has been taken to a safe place and is being interviewed.

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office is now also working on the case.

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